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reflexology birmingham

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All treatments are 40 mins usually £40 now only £35.00

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a remarkably effective form of therapeutic foot massage which strive’s to create harmony in the body through applied pressure to the soles of your feet. Our reflex points correspond to the vital organs of our body. This relaxing foot massage will increase stimulation and relieve our body of any tension. By concentrating on various pressure points on the sole and heel, ailments in the rest of the body can be treated, giving you a complete feeling of bliss.

The Benefits of Reflexology

There are many beneficial ways that reflexology helps your body health including its ability to stimulate nerve function, increases energy, boost circulation. Reflexology also induces a deep state of relaxation, eliminates toxins, helps prevent migraines, assist cleaning urinary tract conditions,  and speeds up recovery after injury or surgery. If you suffer from insomnia it is interesting to know reflexology  helps relieve sleep disorders, reduces depression, and relieves pain.

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