Semi Permanent Makeup


Semi permanent makeup

Lucy has been in the cosmetic and beauty industry for 13 years, her most recent love and passion is semi-permanent makeup aka cosmetic tattooing she trained over 5 years ago and has put all her time and efforts into creating the perfect brows whether you are after a natural enhancement or a more dramatic effect your own individual needs can be achieved, she is very friendly and will explain every last step and detail of the procedure to you.

The most popular treatment lucy performs is  hair stroke eyebrows, hair strokes are tattooed on giving the illusion you have hair whether you have no hair or you do have hair but just want any gaps filling out and a better fuller shape.

Numbing cream is used during the procedure to make the client comfortable, eyebrows are drawn and measured before tattooing and enabling you to check the shape which is discussed before hand alongside with the colour of pigment. This is a 2 part procedure after having your first treatment you will require a Top up 4-8 weeks later to complete process.


Healing time usually takes anything from 7-12 days generally a week for most, the area will appear darker straight after procedure then will flake and peel during the week where you will feel the colour is faded this is very normal this is why a second treatment is a must after 4-8 weeks.

Lucy has worked along side the charity ladies fighting breast cancer, giving the girls confidence after losing all their hair and treated a few ladies in the tv industry.

What is semi-permanent makeup?
Hypoallergenic pigments are placed in the dermal layer of the skin to replace the need of makeup, where they remain and gradually fade, annual colour boosts are required.

Who benefits?
Everyone from the young to the elderly natural and dramatic looks can be achieved.

Why use semi permanent makeup?
Saves time
Always have that perfect finish
Water proof
Improves facial symmetry
Combat aging
Gives confidence

Perfect solution for people experiencing the following

Hair loss or alopecia
Poor eyesight
Shaky hands
Allergies and sensitive skin

Semi Permanent Makeup Prices

Eyebrows hair stroke £200

Eyebrow dramatic £225

Eyeliner (top & bottom) £200-£250 (depending on thickness)

Eyeliner top liner £130-£160
(Depending on thickness)

Lash enhancement £120
(Natural line through lashes enhances colour great for fairer clients)

Lash enhancement £80
(Top only)

Lipliner £150

Lip blush £230
(Liner with soft colour blending into your lips)

Second procedure top ups £50

Annual colour boosts £90-£150
(Priced according to the area)

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